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Just Listen.

As a band, we love writing, we love playing, but we especially love listening. When we’re on the road, we have so many different listening moods. To get us amped for a show, we might turn on Michael Bolten’s over-the-top version of “Go the Distance”. When cruising home late-night after a show, we might turn on our favorite Boyz II Men tracks to keep us awake. But, when we aren't together, we are each listening to tons of different songs and artists. It's important to us that we know what inspires each other, so we made a playlist to keep track!

Listen to our newest Spotify playlist, “Revere’s Ears”. Check out songs and artists that we are excited about at the moment, and get a taste for what each of us likes.

And then, if you feel like it, tell us about music you like. Whether we’ve heard it before or not, give us a reason to listen to it. Below is a top 3 list from each of us, and then the entire Spotfiy playlist. GO TO THE PLAYLIST!

Mike’s Top 3:

“Carrion Flowers” - Chelsea Wolfe

“Inanimate Sensation” - Death Grips

“In Our Blood” - YOB

Sean’s Top 3:

“Spit it Out” - Metz

“Living For the City” - Stevie Wonder

“The Healing” - Gary Clark Jr.

Pat’s Top 3:

“Ya No Te Puedo Querer” - Natalia Lafourcade

“God Bless Mom” - The Frames

“Fools” - The Ransom Collective

Honorable Mentions:

“Weight In Gold” - Gallant

“I’ve Been Bored” - Superheaven

“From the Pinnacle to the Pit” - Ghost B.C.

“Spit it Out” - Metz (Sean/Mike)

“Colorvision” - Com Truise (Mike)

“Psycho” - Muse (Sean)

“Carrion Flowers” - Chelsea Wolfe (Mike)

“God Bless Mom” - The Frames (Pat)

“Weight In Gold” - Gallant (Mike)

“We’re Tornadoes When We Dance” - Levi Weaver (Pat)

“From the Pinnacle to the Pit” - Ghost B.C. (Mike/Sean)

“Sean” - Foo Fighters (Pat)

“Peace of What” - RJD2, Jordan Brown (Sean)

“Really Love” - D’Angelo (Mike)

“S.O.B.” - Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats (Pat/Sean)

“Ya No Te Puedo Querer” - Natalia Lafourcade (Pat)

“I’ve Been Bored” - Superheaven (Sean)

“The Healing” - Gary Clark Jr. (Sean)

“Physical Education” - Animals As Leaders (Mike)

"Elektra" - Refused (Sean)

“Falling Away From Me” - Korn (Mike)

“Season of the Witch” - Donovan (Sean)

“Inanimate Sensation” - Death Grips (Mike)

“I’ve Got a Love” - Harvey Milk (Mike)

“Living For the City” - Stevie Wonder (Sean)

“Back to Life” - Parachute (Pat)

“Lady, You Shot Me” - Har Mar Superstar (Sean)

“Fools” - The Ransom Collective (Pat)

“Don’t Rock That Boat” - Skeewiff (Sean)

“Mirror” - Spectres (Mike)

“Healing Through Death” - Usnea (Mike)

“No Love” - Death Grips (Mike)

“BTSTU” - Jai Paul (Mike)

“Piss On your Grave” - Travi$ Scott, Kanye West (Mike)

“Woodland Cathedral” - Wolves in the Throne Room (Mike)

“Awake In Sleep” - Dark Castle (Mike)

“Coal King” - Oxbow (Mike)

“Terrorbird” - Author & Punisher (Mike)

“Torn by the Fox of the Crescent Moon” - Earth (Mike)

“Turning Ever Towards the Sun” - Wolves in the Throne Room (Mike)

“In Our Blood” - YOB (Mike)

"Go The Distance" Michael Bolton

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