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We're Back!

Hey Everyone - It’s been a while, but we’re back! And we’ve had some time to reflect. We’ve been playing music together for 15 years. As our lives are ever changing and evolving, we always come back to the same thought - we love to create this art together. We’ve loved it since we wrote our first songs together when we were barely 15 years old, and we continue to love it to this moment. Thanks to everyone who has taken any part of this journey with us. We love you and we can’t wait to continue to share more of this journey together. <3

We have some exciting things ahead!

In December we will release “THE PORTRAIT CHRONICLES”, written with friend and fantasy author Ryan Kinsch. “THE PORTRAIT CHRONICLES” tells the entire story that lies within our songs - everything found in “The Great City”, “Ashia”, and “Behold, the Sea Itself!”. Along with each chapter will be an illustration from our very own Mike Pearson (see picture above).

Our next show is at Puck in Doylestown on Friday, December 15th. It’s a free show! Let’s catch up!

We have already begun writing brand new songs. This winter we will dive deep into writing new material.

Thanks again to everyone for joining us on this journey. Love, Sean, Pat, and Mike The Revere

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