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"The Great City" lyrics

________________________________________________________________________________1. Sleep is a Celebration


Please, beg me to sleep

Because, oh, this is my dream.

I’ve stepped inside my host’s abode.

Please beg me to sleep

Because I continue to dream

At the arrival of his guests in droves.


When the party begins

There is music of quickened strings

And melodies of endless delight.

The musicians play the song

While the ghosts sing along

And their voices set sail over the night.

I sat down at the feast

Once the playing had ceased

To come across the face of that beautiful girl.

She stared straight into my eyes

Although I wasn’t bothered by

Her deliberate, yet delicate words.


Please, beg me to sleep!
Praise the kindness of our host!

Please, beg me to sleep!


Once the party resumed

You could hear the player’s tune

Perpetual and persistent to the end.

Joined by the tapping of the rain

They kept time like picture frames

Each drop broke up the beat on each descent.

And so the dancer’s hit the floor

Begging to the players, “More!

We want to feel the beat inside our bones!”

This made the sound grow louder still

And with joy their hearts were filled,

For the sound that filled the room was now their own.


2. The Old Man and the Inn


Here we are, the inn, full of beds in silken rooms,

Meeting here at quarter past the first light.

Follow me, pursue                       

Her voice that calls you too.

We depart, must go.


Old, lead us straight into her fine rejoice

Man, go at once to find her godly voice

“All hope in me.”

“All their hope in me.”


Walls adorned by the things of travelers since.

“See where we’ve been! What treasures somewhere else exist!”

Follow me, pursue.

Old man, you’ll lead us through.

We depart, must go.


When we came upon the strength of a man so aged.

Such a fire burned, as the hour turned after first light.

While he spoke to us in length fixed on every eye,

He spoke tenderly with intensity after first light.


3. The Woman


We entered trees, and spoke the first we’d ever speak,

Heard distant melodies; they were the breeze above our feet.

Pristine tunes, they were parading in our shoes

As we walked along, retelling strangely vivid dreams.


She’s so sweet.

How fair her cheek, red-white, like a queen.


Among other things, she was beauty, words in a song,

Telling me softly that I’d go along.

Worthy of hope and her faith in me strong.

Courage, courage!


She entered dreams, and spoke the first she’d ever speak,

Her distant melodies; they painted pictures in our sleep.

Unseen truths, they were pervading as we snoozed

Such a lovely face – revealed the place that we’d convene.


4. With all of you here by my side, I’m not alone.


I see, lovers

Through my window

And they’re walking, and they’re holding hands.

I see, panes and glass

Through my window

Embracing, the lovers pass


With all of you by my side, I’m not alone.


5. The Rose


She sure can walk like a rose.

Her pedals waving back and forth in natural pose.

I thought, how beautiful, how radiant she glows

It’s easy when you’re gold.


In 2 days I’ve caught her eyes three times watching me

And counted 7 more as I, myself, looked to see

The softness of God’s touch,

His boldness supreme

To create such a creature as she.


God! She sure walks like a rose!

I’m staring; keep my focus on the ground and the road.

I thought I’d glance but missed the chance – did she notice? Did she know?

She’s beauty and she’s gold.


In 2 days I’ve caught her eyes three times watching me.

Was I looking first?


Many steps we’d taken through the last line of trees.

We found ourselves in rolling valleys tasting the breeze.

The endless hills, green, so vibrant they sing.

My heart rejoicing in…


Can’t you hear her exhale?

Her steady breaths, her shoulders rest, such calmness prevails.

Shall I take the chance, planning words in advance, to project my steady ways?

Leading lovers to celebrate.


We speak loving words, only kindness, loving words.

Leading lovers to celebrate.


6. The Valley


We have more than the air inside our lungs

To breathe in the warmth and the light of the sun

“While earth is alive her creatures, they thrive,

We are lonelier each day we reside.”


I told her, listen.  Still is the breath of the mighty inside of his hill.

Lovely and airy I float with the shade

“Tell me of your family, (and) the place from where you came.”


Don’t you get tired, you keep me inspired

I’ll need it when I’m down and overcome

Speak to me softly friend, we’ll never set foot again

Inside the walls of peaceful dreaming’s feast.


Lonelier, she is still, growing each day apart from her windowsill

Lovely and airy I float through the shade.

“Tell me of your family, and the place from where you came.”


Lovely one you breathe in the sun you hold me in wonder and

Something awaits me here

Might she be, oh no, would she be, oh no, could she be the one - Lovely


We have the air that’s inside of our lungs

And we breathe the warmth and light of the sun

Alive is the earth, she thrives, as we each reside

In her.  Lovely, lovely one.


7. Giants I: The Incline


The ground was soft, like sheets beneath their feet

Steadily climbing

The world was still, and the city beyond the hill,

Concealed on the other side

In (his) wisdom, he understands

The guide holds their faith in his hands

They trust him, they trust him,

I am your guide


The ground was sloped, the giant was rising east.

We were climbing

The cloud was still, the mountain, the slope, the hill,

(was) Hiding its head up inside

Of the room, little cavern, (in) which you loom

We’re transfixed by the sky

We can see, you’re afraid,

But come stand in my shade.

I’ll help you rise.


8. Giants II: Felix


Giants nod off in the clouds ‘bout their heads.

We climb onto their backs

“Listen dear, December’s not alone

The minstrels tapping lets me know”

“There I was, there I was, there I was

Writing to my love.”


Oh candle keep

Your light on me

You’re all I have


MAN!  How the mountains adore

The landscapes of the world!

We can see everything now

He will tell

How his love, his adored

Was the only thing in this world!

We can see everything now

“Dear, my dear,


I have prolonged every word in this note

But now I must insist, I must.

Listen dear, December’s not alone

The minstrel’s tell me ‘she must know’

There I was, there I was, there I was

Running to my love.”


Oh can you keep

Your light on me?

She’s all I have.


9. The Time, the Light, the Heart


“The song breathes forth from the mouth

And shakes the woods of their leaves

I reckon the song belongs to a woman
With dark and woven hair, I believe.

But don’t you quote me

I have a friend who’s seen her as clear as you and I

He said he was drawn by a voice

And that she was soft on the eyes.”


Bring me the time!

Bring me the light!

Bring me the heart of man in reds and golden whites!


It’s like she’s opening her arms

Dressed so lavishly charms

Begging us, not desperation

Just destination should we carry on.

All this time we’d never heard such sound before


Can we believe what we’ve just seen?

After the man explained, our hearts agreed.

What brilliance lungs can breathe!

“Wait you’ll see,” he said.  “You’ll see.”


Bird sing, speak, your greetings unto me.

The town’s below, past this theater tree.

We’ve arrived apropos upon this great city!


Good morning, I sing and welcome you in.

Their bodies all moving in motion like spring.

Takes breath to behold their humble abode.

For when we’re here this brilliant city is our home.

Thank God we exist!  In splendors like this!

Their bodies all moving in motion like spring.

Take rest for a while.  We’ll bring your luggage inside.
Our walls keep out death, so rejoice! feel alive!


10. Rest


Regardless of the room around us,

Regardless of the mood you’ve found us

We will leave.

This tired state is past, behind us,

These walls of stone, they keep, surround us.

He will lead again.


In our time, here in bed,

We begin thoughts pensive.

We hold our eyes shut

We’re afraid, that our dreams

Float away.


Regardless of the crude abyss and

Regardless of our hope insisting

We will stay.

This tired state is past, behind us,

These walls of stone, they keep, surround us.

He will lead again.


11. The Great City


This is a day for joyous song

Sing to God rejoicing!

In voices five hundred strong.

Each one gladly joins in.


Lovers, load your ships with things

Lovers, call the tide

Lovers, loathe the darkened things

But Lovers stay alive.

I’m afraid of darkened things

You can call the tide

If I never make it back

Does it mean I’m still alive?


You have your rest.  Now take your leave.

The ocean’s stomach swirls and spits out demons from the deep.


We have no more time!  

We have no more time!

Let us celebrate the kindness of our hosts.



Behold the sea itself – a mammoth churning in the dark.

Reflecting all the light we shine - illuminating spark!

We are holding out!
We celebrate and shout!

We feast until the glow commands, “You must embark!”


Lovers, we rejoice for the great moment’s coming soon

When dawn reveals its joyful eyes and calls us like a tune.

“I’m the gold of day.

Now you are on your way.

We bid our hosts!  We bid our guests!  Farewell, goodbye, adieu!”


We must leave their home

And call the sea our own.


Produced by Jason Spiewak, Ryan Carter Newell and Rich Smalley

Engineered by Mike Anzel

Mixed and Mastered by Matt Chiaravalle

Recorded at Mercy Sound Recording Studios in New York City

All artwork by Michael Pearson

The Revere is Patrick Kelly, Michael Pearson, and Sean Kelly


Mike, Sean, and Pat are inspired to thank: our loving families, our wonderful friends for their endless support and insight, Brad Allen for the sharing of his gift of film, Jason Spiewak, Ryan Carter Newell, Rich Smalley, Mike Anzel, and Matt Chiaravalle for all of the work they put into this album, Cynthia Cochrane, Tom Derr and Chris Henderson of Rock Ridge Music, the Creator of all things, and to Kristin Harmel for her help in expanding the story to new horizons.

We would also like to thank The Classic (RIP), and all of the other bands we’ve had the pleasure of performing with.

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